Why Cross Border?

Business Matching Service

No need
to register products

Business Matching Service

No need to find
distributors/ importers

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No need to pay
for warehousing

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Stock from origin

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Customs and logistics
end to end taken care

Business Matching Service

Ideal way of testing the
market’s response
without heavy investments

Why Vietnam ?

Cross Border Ecommerce Solution



Vietnam is experiencing a meteoric rise in development in recent years and the country’s GDP is forecasted to surpass many Southeast Asian countries very soon. Since the 1990s, Vietnam has attracted a strong inflow of foreign investments, with the median GDP exceeding 7% each year. With limitless business opportunities, ample resources, a cost-efficient workforce, a strategic location to China and a favourable business environment, Vietnam managed a GDP of 2.9% valued at 340.6 Billion USD in 2020 despite the pandemic, making Vietnam the top-performing economy in Asia.

Cross Border Ecommerce Solution
Population of about 97 million
Cross Border Ecommerce Solution
Young consumer average age 32.7
Cross Border Ecommerce Solution
Smartphone penetration rate 63.1%

Top Online Shopping Ecommerce Platform In Vietnam

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Vietnamese prefer shopping via these TOP two marketplaces, which comprise nearly 50% of the overall traffic of e-commerce in Vietnam. Our team will help you set up a company Facebook page and focus on creating market awareness and driving traffic back to the two marketplaces. We will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth onboarding process for these two platforms.
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