Free Online B2B Business Matching Session

Free Online B2B Business Matching Session


2020 was a tough time for businesses. In support of keeping our clients’ businesses moving, Innovative Hub hosted our very first B2B sourcing and business matching session online and absolutely free! As one of the exclusive Service Partners of Alibaba.com in both Singapore and Vietnam, we have noticed the two-way supply & demand chain is high, and took the opportunity to take this session online! You can now relive the session here!


With the progress of society and the advancement of information technologies, the phrase began to be employed, above all, in the business sector, and became known as B2B business matching, where the emphasis is on the meeting of firms with the goal of generating new collaborations and creative synergies through market expansion and information sharing.

Indeed, networking and B2B matching are now critical in assisting businesses to achieve a variety of goals, including the generation of new business relationships, the acceleration of skill development, the expansion of their knowledge network, the formation of valuable relationships, and the inception of innovative projects.


When Should Business Matching Be Used?

Business matching is widely employed at events where networking is either the major focus or a minor component. Furthermore, larger events such as conferences, congresses, exhibits, and fairs employ the benefits of business matching as a more organised and effective type of networking.


  1. 1. Registration And Creation Of A Profile

The B2B business matchmaking process begins when attendees register online by completing the event application form. Personalised questions given by the organiser and tailored to the event’s theme guide attendees through the creation of their personal profiles.

However, events are about more than just the individual person and whatever they have to contribute or are looking for. As a result, a market entry is generated. It is a digital archive where members can add files, photographs, and videos that describe in detail their business matchmaking requirements. These are the specifics that event attendees want to know in order to locate the greatest business match. The participant profile and marketplace entrance are the foundations of business matching.


  1. 2. Searching And Matching Profiles

Participants can begin working before the event begins. They are capable of identifying fascinating and prospective contacts with whom they would like to meet. The sophisticated search mechanism of the tool enables participants to quickly and easily identify suitable (matching) profiles.

Basically, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack made simple.


  1. 3. Preparation And Communication

Participants can schedule meetings with one another before the event begins. This saves important time throughout the event. Each meeting is automatically assigned to a designated table or the attendees are notified if it is an online meeting. Customised settings allow you to tailor each step of this third phase to the specific requirements of your event.


  1. 4. Meetings

Attendees can enjoy their pre-arranged meetings during the event. This first meeting should ideally serve as the beginning point for a partnership.


The B2B Matchmaker’s Function

To reap the rewards of business matching, it is critical to do it correctly. You, as the event organiser, serve as the b2b matchmaker. It is critical to invite people with similar interests and needs to your event. It is necessary to create the proper classification within the system. It is beyond your control to ensure that the correct people meet.  Innovative Hub helps you lessen your workload by connecting businesses. We will look for other businesses that can be matched to you, whilst you work on the other aspects of your business.


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